Kanagarthi is one of the Village in Konaraopeta mandal which is in Rajanna Sircilla District in Telangana State in India. Kanagarthi is surrounded by Dharmaram, Nizamabad, Mamidipalli, Palli Maktha and Suddala villages.It is located 16 km towards west from District headquarters Rajanna Sircilla

First High School in Konaraopet Mandal.Vijaya Bank is Also there.
"ZPHS Kanagarthi " is the first HIGH SCHOOL in the Konaraopeta Mandal. It was started in the year 1955. 

Telugu (with Telangana dialect) is widely spoken by majority in the village. Hindi also widely used in the village. Traditional dresses like Sari, Dhoti and modern dressing are worn. Every Year devotees(Some Villagers) have to wear Hanuman mala for 41 days It is the Mandala Deeksha of 41 days. Some devotees also wear ‘Ardha Mandala Deeksha’ (21 days) and ‘Ekadasha Deeksha’ (11 days).Venugopala swamy rathyatra and Hanumana Shobhayathra festival is celebrated grandly during May or June month of every year. Vinayaka Navaratri and Durgamatha Navaratri is also celebrated by the villagers of Kanagarthi. . Bathukamma and Bonalu festivals are celebrated in the village.Pochamma Bonaalu celebrated by the villagers of Kanagarthi once in every five years

Most of the people living in the Village are Farmers. Rice is the major crop cultivated in the Village. . A variety of crops are grown, including Rice,Cotton,corn, turmeric, Vegetables, moong dal and groundnuts. Rice, corn, cotton are the major crops.The water resources for cultivation are Water wells, Borewells and Ponds.

The Village is located 16 km from Sircilla. The nearest Towns to the Village are Sircilla by 16 km, Vemulawada by 12 km, Karimnagar by 55 km and Siddipet by 50 km. For every 2 Hours, TSRTC Bus from Sircilla to through the Village.

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